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I’ve written or edited materials for numerous businesses and non-profits. From crafting website blogs to revising marketing proposals to creating manuals or training materials, I can be trusted to eliminate overused words and phrases and fix awkward sentences so that they are not only clear but catch the reader’s eye.


Sample Marketing Materials

Through its educational programs and resources, CCMM highlights the universality of the human experience, exploring the creativity, artistry, and spirituality of cultures around the world.

As three quarters of the almost 200,000 students who have participated in CCMM’s programming are classified as socioeconomically disadvantaged, many have rarely had the opportunity to venture beyond their own cultural enclave and enjoy a field trip to a hands-on museum.

This customizable “pop-up” traveling exhibition and curriculum-enhancing educational experience transforms a space on each campus into an immersive display with hundreds of culturally significant objects representing human endeavors of dozens of cultures from more than 75 countries.

By plucking the strings of a Japanese "koto" harp, grinding the spices that spurred international trade routes, or literally walking in the shoes of different cultures, students actively participate in bringing their own learning to life. Discovering similarities across world cultures, CCMM empowers students to develop greater culture competence and challenge limited world views that can lead to bias and misunderstanding, priming them for success in academic, work, and life pursuits.

Ultimately, CCMM seeks to build a more interconnected global community by building bridges between students’ diverse backgrounds and the world, encouraging in them a mutual respect and acceptance of the "other" and a greater appreciation of America's diverse cultural heritage.

Sample Business Pitch Letter

We help organizations inspire engagement with their brand by finding the right story to tell for their audience. By tapping into passion points and using in person experience events as activation strategies, we are able to connect consumers to the values behind the brand and put them on the path to purchase. We think you have a compelling story that if told the right way would result in increased client acquisition, retention and loyalty. We’re certain that our experience in employing predictive analytics to create scalable personalization could help successfully communicate that narrative.

We focus on relationships as well as results, believing teams can be both smarter and more creative than any of us working alone—especially when collaborating to address the kinds of complex, multi-faceted problems that companies face today. We believe in collaborative leadership because tapping the collective intelligence of a team delivers results. Yet as thought leaders in the industry we I know we are most effective when we use the power of persuasion, creating an environment of trust and mutual respect in which everyone can contribute to achieving our collectively shared aspirations. 

We managed multiple agency partners and implement project management software to maximize productivity and streamline communication between internal and external stakeholders. Through advanced market segmentation we are able to identify stronger merchandised brand products and offerings, leading to significant YOY increases and increased customer retention.

I was surprised to see how you took the germ of my two-dimensional idea and transformed it into a tangible three-dimensional draft.
— Andrew R.

sample Business blog Before Editing

I hear frequently from other business owners the same refrain – “Whenever leave/sell/retire from my company, I’m never going to have employees again!!”

I regularly attend legal training on the dangers of employees. I know the myriad of ways employees can sue me, or steal from me, or abuse other employees business , or do half a hundred horrible things to the reputation I’ve spent more than a decade to build.

And yet, there is a topic I haven’t heard addressed before and I’ll address it here – employees can absolutely break my heart.

One thing about running an IT company is employing a lot of young people. I regularly hire folks who can remember what was on the radio the day they became legally allowed to drink. (And even saying radio dates me because they were probably listening to a podcast or something)…


I frequently hear the same refrain from business owners: “If I ever start another company,  the one thing I’ll never do again is have employees!”

I can sympathize with that viewpoint. I regularly attend seminars on the legal liabilities posed by employees—the myriad of ways they can sue, steal, or harass me or other employees, undoing in minutes the business reputation I’ve built over a decade.

But what I’ve never heard discussed is how employees can break your heart—in the best way. Let me explain what I mean.

One thing that is unavoidable when running an IT company is hiring young people—very young people. I regularly hire folks who have only been working one or two years—some fresh out of college.  These are employees for who legally buying their first beer is a recent memory. They’ve never had a landline, never used a VCR, and never experienced buying a Walkman (even saying Walkman dates me)…

He is keenly aware of his audience, offering a variety of solutions without sacrificing coherence.
— Nat H.


Our team is comprised of passionate individuals who specialize in the wide array of tactics encompassed in the digital marketing space.

Our passion is to care for and nurture audiences to tell them stories when they’re bored, show them fun videos when they need a distraction, teach them something when they’re ready to expand their horizons.  

We built our content studio as a space that would accommodate every manner of content under the sun and a few hiding in the dark. It’s all for the audience and it’s what content should be.

We keep everything in house, from our edit suites to our equipment cage, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned in our cumulative century of experience creating moving pictures, it’s that content matters.


Our team is comprised of passionate individuals who specialize in a wide array of tactics that effectively and measurably penetrate the digital marketing space.

Our passion is to care for and nurture audiences—to tell them stories that prime their imagination, show them videos that inspire their curiosity, and share with them ideas that expand their horizons.

We built our studio as a space that would accommodate any content under the sun (and even ideas hiding in the dark). It’s what content should be when it’s all about the audience.

We have everything you could possibly need in-house, from an extensive equipment cage to dedicated editing suites—because if there’s one thing we’ve learned in our century of cumulative experience creating moving pictures, it’s that the story that’s heard is the story well told.

Pook’s attention to detail is matched by his ability to see the big picture. He’s an invaluable resource that we return to again and again.
— Philip Y.

Sample Manuals and Training Materials